Meet the flock

I love that the wool is from rescued sheep, who are well looked after and get to live to the end of their natural life

As at January 2019, we are caring for over 120 sheep, four alpacas and several goats, including four Angoras.

All  came to us as rescues. They are a diverse flock and all breeds from fine Merino through Corriedales, Border Leicesters, Coopworth, Suffolks, Dorpers and cross breeds.  They are all colours from white through grey, brown and black. The staple lengths and micron of their fleece varies with their breed.

The alpacas are white Huacaya and white Suri

Lambs arrive each year,  as orphans, foundlings. or as the offspring of ewes rescued when pregnant.  Many sheep arrive as adults.  Some of our flock are quite elderly, the known oldest being our original rescue, Trudy, at 13 years old.

Here are some of the flock

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