The EWE processes

This yarn is absolutely beautiful! I can tell that it was collected and spun with great care.

At EWE we endeavour to provide you with our fleece and fleece products sustainably and with minimal environmental impact.

Our sheep and alpacas graze on organic pastures and are not transported for shearing or to saleyards.

Our hand made products use rainwater from our property, low impact detergents, local labour, waste is processed on site and we have solar power panels to provide as much of our energy use as we can.

We are handling the fleece at all stages until the order is sent to you.

Our commercial products are made using local suppliers. The fleece is scoured in a small batch scouring plant just 100k from our property. The scored fleece is then carded, combed into tops, and spun into yarn at a small family owned mill in central Victoria just 80 k from us.

Ours truly is a locally made, ethical. low miles and sustainable product.



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