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Welcome to EWE, Ethical Wool Enterprises.

EWE is based  in picturesque central Victoria, Australia. Our property, Eastern Hill Organic Farm is the base for our animal rescue and rehabilitation project, Honey’s Pledge and the home for our flock of rescue sheep and alpacas.

Our rescue sheep and alpacas will live out their natural lives with us. We do not breed any animals.

The sheep and alpacas must be shorn of their fleeces once a year to maintain their health. Their fleece is not only organic, it is 100% ethical.

You can purchase our fleece and fleece product with absolute confidence that no animal has been harmed in any way in its production.

As all profits from our sales are used in our animal rescue, your support will assist animals in need.

 I received the yarn and alpaca fiber yesterday and am so happy. The yarn is beautiful and the alpaca is so soft. As a vegan knitter and spinner, I find very few sources of animal fiber where I can be sure the animals are well-taken care of. Thank you for all of your efforts saving the animals. I’m happy to support your rescue and hope to purchase again in the future.

EWE shearing 2015

Shepherds know many mysterious languages; they speak the language of sheep and dogs, language of stars and skies, flowers and herbs. – Mehmet Murat ildan On October 18 we did the shearing for our seventy one sheep. Two days before a neighbour came over with his gentle and loving dog Sally. Sally gets so excited … Continue reading

The making of a doona – Part 2

Winter is here and other projects have taken precedence.  I need to get our doona ready! Now I have batches of washed and dried fleece stored ready for the next stage. Each batch is teased out by hand to open up the locks in preparation for carding. Carding ‘combs’ the fleece into fluffy ‘batts’. I use an … Continue reading

Henry, the lonely alpaca

I first spotted Henry alone in small paddock, on a recently sold farm. The farm had bred sheep, but all were now gone. As I drove past I saw the property being vacated, and there was Henry, alone and looking lost. Then a notice went up. There was to be clearing sale. I love a good … Continue reading

The making of a doona – Part 1

Our next project is a new doona for my daughter’s bed. Our reason for making our own is we  do not want to purchase a down doona due to the extreme cruelty involved in the ‘harvesting’ of down from live birds. Also we do not want a synthetic doona, made from petrochemicals. We want a natural, organic and … Continue reading

Welcome to EWE

Welcome to Ethical Wool Enterprises   Please explore our site to learn more about EWE and our 100% ethical wool