Hand spun yarn

We produce hand spun yarn to order in 100g skeins or 50g centre pull balls.

If your pattern gives yarn qualities needed in meters (or yards), use our converter  to estimate the amount of yarn to order for your project

Fleece type:

Our yarns are spun from wool fleece, alpaca or a blend.

Yarn weight:

Our standard weights are 8ply and 10 ply however we can spin other yarn weights to order.

Yarn shades:

We offer yarns in natural white a light grey. EWE can dye to order. Please  contact us to discuss your needs.

More questions?

Please contact us to discuss your needs

To order

Click here to order from EWE




Yarn weights

To assist with determining the yarn weight you are after refer to the following (Reproduced from Revelry)

Name Ply (UK, NZ, AU) Wraps per inch Knit gauge (4 in / 10 cm) Crochet gauge Yarnstandards.com
Thread 0 : Lace
Cobweb 1 ply 0 : Lace
Lace 2 ply 32-34 stitches 0 : Lace
Light Fingering 3 ply 32 stitches 0 : Lace
Fingering 4 ply 14 wpi 28 stitches 1 : Super Fine
Sport 5 ply 12 wpi 24-26 stitches 2 : Fine
DK 8 ply 11 wpi 22 stitches 3 : Light
Worsted 10 ply 9 wpi 20 stitches 4 : Medium
Aran 10 ply 8 wpi 18 stitches 4 : Medium
Bulky 12 ply 7 wpi 14-15 stitches 5 : Bulky
Super Bulky 5-6 wpi 8-12 stitches 6 : Super Bulky

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