Why ethical?

Many people believe that fleece , whether from a sheep, an alpaca, an agora rabbit, a goat or feathers from a duck or a goose, are products that do not involve any cruelty to the animals concerned.

I understand. For many many years, I was vegetarian, but did not see any connection between cruelty and wool and other fleece products or of feathers (down) in doonas and clothes.

Then as my knowledge grew I became aware.

I became aware of the cruelty involved in the commonplace management of ‘farmed’ animals,  that most ‘farmed’ animals inevitably die before their natural time span, the cruelty of transportation, of saleyards, and of live animal export.

It is easy to be disconnected from the source of so much that we eat, consume, or use. Producers do not actively promote or reveal the day to day conditions of farmed animals.

I started EWE to give people an option. An option to still access fleece, but in the knowledge that your purchase in no way supports animal cruelty in its many forms.

So this page on EWE is here to inform. I have simply given some links to external sources of information however I would encourage you to do your own research

Please take the time to meet the animals. Visit a sanctuary to discover how each animal has its personality, likes, dislikes, experiences joy, pain, fear and terror. Think through the miracle of life and the inherent desire and drive every living being has to live.

Plus observe…observe animals during transport, at saleyards, at slaughter yards

Many of the images. words or footage will be ‘graphic’.

Re transport

Sheep fall to death from bridge

400 sheep killed

Re Saleyards 

Issues with saleyards

Re live export

Horror in Kuwait


Re shearing

Cruelty in shearing – RSPCA investigate


The issues with mulesing


Sheep on transport truck, Newstead Victoria.

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