About EWE

My fleece and the lovely extra wool arrived today. Thanks so much ūüôā the fleece us beautiful and I love the wool also. My daughter enjoyed reading about where the wool was from. It is definitely a lovely touch sharing the source of the fleece and the story of all the sheep. Thank you. Kind regards, Beck

EWE (Ethical Wool Enterprises) retails fleece and fleece product only from our rescue sheep and alpacas and therefore from a 100% ethical source.

We do not breed any sheep or alpacas, all are rescues and all will live out their natural life in our care.

Their fleeces and wool are a necessary result of the shearing required to keep them in good health in the Australian climate.

The processes we use to clean our fleeces are natural and sustainable.

Meet Edward.


Edward is came to us as a lamb.  Taken in as an orphan he could not stay in his original home, so he was surrendered to our animal rescue.

Edward was bottle fed with another little lamb friend, Ben, to keep him company and to play with.  When older he joined the flock to roam our property. He kept his tail, is not mulesed, he will never travel in a transport truck  and will receive treatment by a vet if needed for any health or injury issues.

When shorn he is with his flock, in familiar surroundings, handled gently by our regular local shearer. He is shorn just before summer, so he has a warm fleece for the winter months, and no fleece for the hot months.

And Edward will live out his natural life with us.

So the wool from Edward and his flock friends is ethical.

You can purchase and use this wool knowing that no animal has been harmed.

With 100% of EWE profits going to support the work¬†of¬† Honey’s Pledge¬†your purchase enables us to assist more sheep like Edward.

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