Henry, the lonely alpaca

I first spotted Henry alone in small paddock, on a recently sold farm. The farm had bred sheep, but all were now gone. As I drove past I saw the property being vacated, and there was Henry, alone and looking lost.

Then a notice went up. There was to be clearing sale. I love a good clearing sale and so changed my plans so I could attend. On checking the list of goods for sale, there was no mention of an alpaca,

Arriving on the day, I registered with the auctioneers. I asked about the alpaca and no one could tell me if he was for sale. There was a large amount of goods being auctioned and the pace was fast and furious.

The alpaca was in a small paddock alongside much of the farm equipment for sale. He anxiously ran the fence, crying, and coming eagerly over to anyone who took notice of him.

As always, at a local clearing sale, it is a chance to catch up with rural ‘neighbours’. On speaking with such a neighbour I asked if he knew any of the family from the property. He did and pointed out the son. I made my way over and introduced myself, and asked about what was planned for the alpaca.

Still the auction moved rapidly on. The man then told me, yes the alpaca was to be sold today. As I turned I realised that the alpaca was about to be auctioned. I pushed my way through and anxiously waited the start of the bidding,

Within minutes I was the proud ‘owner’ of a large male alpaca. Luckily my good friend and neighbour has alpacas and could reassure me re our ability to transport him on the short trip to our property.

When we returned with the horse float the son was their to assist. We were told that Henry, as I had decided to name him, had run with the sheep and a female alpaca. The family had decided to keep the female but to sell Henry. So Henry found himself suddenly alone and wondering where his flock and his partner had gone, and why he was left.

Henry travelled beautifully and settled quickly. He found a friend in Barrie the sheep, who arrived within days.

And then, as we knew it would, we received a call from a friend…..could we take in an alpaca we knew of in dire need………

So Henry now has a friend, some sheep to care for.

And for that we are very pleased.







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